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Ironworks in the Finnish village of Mohko

Ironworks in the Finnish village of Mohko


Outokumpu Mine-Museum


There is a unique museum complex – “the Old Mine” – in the city of Outokumpu (Finland). In the 1980-s the mine, where ore had been quarried, was closed and turned to the museum. The museum exhibition of mining machines and old photos will tell about the everyday life of the miners. You can go through the tunnel and imagine the working conditions of the miners. You can step up the sightseeing tower to enjoy the view to the mining town.


National Museum of the Republic of Karelia

Музей РК

The National Museum of the Republic of Karelia was founded in 1871 and is one the oldest museum institutions of the North-West of Russia. The museum collection (more than 200 thousands items) represents the nature, archeology, the history of the region and the city of Petrozavodsk, traditional culture of the Russians, the Karelians, and the Veps. At the moment the museum is creating a wide system of the main expositions devoted to Karelia and the city of Petrozavodsk.


Museum of Pre-Cambrian Geology of the Institute of Geology KRC RAS

Музей геологии докембрия

The museum exposition is situated in two halls. The expositions of the upper hall are devoted to the main issues of the history of mining and geological surveys in Karelia, to geology, metallogeny and mineral resources of the Precambrian of the East Fennoscandia. The lower hall represents the expositions divided into the sections devoted to the relief and quaternary deposits of Karelia, the evolution of life on the Earth, the mineralogy and stromatolites of Karelia and the world, as well as to the natural stone of architectural purposes.


Ruskeala (Karelia)


The main sightseeing attraction of the Mining Park is Marble Canyon – the monument of industrial culture (mining industry) of the end of the XVIII – the beginning of the XX century. In Europe there is no similar monument representing a man-made “cup” in a solid mass of marbles cut by a system of mines, drift-ways and drives.


Ruskeala underground

Рускеала подземная

Viewy 360° Virtual Tour of winter underground Ruskeala made by our friends

Walk round the Kolatselga (Karelia)


Старинное село Колатсельга находится на территории Пряжинского района Республики Карелия. Село расположено в устье несколько рек впадающих в Тулмозеро. В селе Колатсельга был построен Тулмозерский завод, который работал на местной руде. Гематитовую руду добывали в рудниках расположенных на берегу реки Колос, находящиеся в двух километрах от завода.


Pazhala (Karelia)


Pazhala is a place within 2 km distance from Kolatselga. Here is a cosy guest-house where one of our seminars took place. The main sightseeing attraction of this house is a parrot that can speak. The parrot will amuse your children and you as well.