According to the Program of Mining Road Project implementation work on the preparation of publications about the Mining Road route – final points “Petrozavodsk (Russia) – Outokumpu (Finland)” has been started.

During the first stage (the year of 2013) the preparation and publication of basic information about the route in from of separate edition is planned. Further separate guides for the route, its suburbs and certain sites located along the route and aside on the main line will be prepared.

Main requirements and suggestions on the composition and the content of “Mining Road” collection (in separate file), only reference is here.

Main requirements for the publication

  • 1. Design volume of the collection is approximately up to 400 pages of A4 format. Four-color process printing, with colored illustrations. It is supposed to make the publications in three languages (Russian, Finnish and English), repeating each other.
  • 2. Edition size will be defined by the scope of financing and expenditures for artistic-and-design, marketing, printing and other charges. Type and direction of the publication – popular
  • 3. The final structure of the book in general will be defined during the process of assessment and edition of the materials received from the authors (division into sections, parts, sequence and placement of certain articles, topics, illustrations.)
  • 4. Basic publication-and-artistic mock-up – depending on the financing amount defined for publication – will be worked-out after all the stages of editing have been implemented (agreements by the Project partners).
  • 5. With different approaches to a topic/problem it is allowed for any group of authors to present ready-made variant of one article at option. Publications included into the edition will be used to prepare guides, booklets for certain clusters, sites and in other information materials of the project as well as published on its web-site.
  • 6. Director of the Institute of Geology, KRC, RAS, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, V. V. Schiptcov and Director of the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia, Candidate of Historical Sciences, M.L. Goldenberg are defined as editors in chief from the Russian partners side. The candidatures for the editors from the Finnish side are being specified.
  • 7. Editorial directors are V.A. Shekov, A.I. Gribushin and J. Nenonen.
  • 8. Preliminary table of content of the book is set in the document.