October 30, 2014

GPS-excursion “What are the Stones of the Karelian Capital Keeping Silent About?” can be downloaded to mobile phone.

Information-and-Tourist Center of Petrozavodsk informs that now the citizens and guests of the Karelian capital can make an exciting gps-tour around Petrozavodsk “What are Stones Keeping Silent About?” by themselves.

Link to the article by KarelInform

September 30, 2014


Three-year experience of implementing Mining Road Project was presented at the meeting of the Presidium of Karelian Research Center.
The initiatives of the Project’s Coordinator Vitaly Shekov met with approval and support. “Prospects of using new resources for the development of tourist infrastructure” – that was the wording of the subject asserted for the agenda of the meeting of the most authoritative in our region academic assembly.


September 10, 2014


Unique artistic photo-masterpieces by Anton Yushko and Oleg Minnikov, the speleologists from Saint Petersburg, are now available for viewing in Petrozavodsk.
"Ruskeala: the Secrets of the Depth…" photo-exhibition was opened on September, 10, in the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia.


August 18-21, 2014

The first full-scale tour along Mining Road route

The first full-scale tour along Mining Road route, in which about fifty tourists participated, took place on August, 18 – 21. They visited the museums of Petrozavodsk, drove by bus to the most of the sites included into the route and finished their way in Koli National Park in Finland.


Opinions on Mining Road route

August 3, 2014

Tulmozerye is Sharing the Secrets of Its History

On a bright Sunday of August, 3, near the ruins of the old abandoned plant it was unusually crowded. Behind a new wooden stage, situated in the former bedding plant, an electric generator was hidden; speakers were placed on the stage. Trading was opened near the parking. There people could refresh themselves with a tasty fish soup and good shashlik. There were not enough pies for everybody, but tea was served absolutely free. And near the pointer with the territory’s map young boys and girls crowded together – "Mining Road" Youth Camp volunteers ready to conduct an excursion around the plant’s territory and even have pictures taken with the visitors as a memento. The participants of Mining Road Project celebrated yet another achievement.


July 26 - August 3, 2014

Age is No Disqualification for a Serious Deal

Mining Road Youth Camp took place. For already three years young volunteers from different Karelian towns meet at the picturesque coast of the Kolos River in order to render possible help in fulfilling works at the new tourist site. The Republican Center of Tourism for Children and Young People organizes here the youth expedition.


July 29, 2014

Invitation to the opening ceremony of Tulmozerye Mining Park

Tulmozerye Mining Park reveals the secrets of a "stone giant" lost in the dense forests of Pryazhinsky district.


July 25, 2014

Press-Conference about Opening of Tulmozerye Mining Park

A press-conference that announced opening of a new tourist site in Pryazhinsky District – Tulmozerye Mining Park – took place on July, 25. People who are concerned about the destiny of the old ironworks located next to Kolatselga village at the border of Pryazhinsky District met in the National Museum of Karelia.


July 13, 2014


On July 12 – 13, 2014 there was an unforgettable feast in Mohko village with folk festival, national cuisine, amateur theatre and iron melting.


July 11, 2014


A new underground tunnel of some tens of meters has been cut on the territory of Outokumpu Mining Museum. On July 11, 2014 there was the tunnel opening ceremony with the participation of Outokumpu citizens, guests from the other Finnish towns, as well as the Museum’s partners from Russia. Two new expositions prepared by the Mining Museum recently were presented at the ceremony.


June, 2014

GPS-tour Puijo Mountain, the city of Kuopio

This excursion is devoted to the green belt around Puijo Mountain. Sightseeing platform on the top of the tower is a special place for the Finns. It can be literally called the tourist stronghold of Finland.


June, 2014

Design for Tulmozero Mining Park

Egor Permaykov has a made an amazing design for a new park that we call Tulmozero Mining Park. Egor’s project is made as a 3D movie.Watch this wonderful dream-movie.


April 30, 2014

A presentation of the collection of popular scientific articles «Mining Road» took place in the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia

Four hundred pages printed work planned within the frameworks of Mining Road Project, the work over which was conducted for more than two years, is now going to be available for wide audience.


April 10, 2014

Valeriy Potashov in the Business Internet-newspaper Vesti Karelii

Journalist Valeriy Potashov placed an interesting article "By Mining Road" in the Business Internet-newspaper Vesti Karelii, and there he considered the following issues:
- Karelia and Finland are connected by a new tourist route;
- Geological sights as market commodities;
- Counting on private investors.

Read the article

April 7 – 9, 2014

Mining Road team held the workshop devoted to the presentation of materials collected on Outokumpu-Petrozavodsk route.

More than eighty people participated in the workshop that tool place in the hall of Piipun Piha Tourist Complex. The workshop summarized the results of more than two-year work of the whole Project team. Plans for the nearest future are to provide for broad informing and promotion of the project activities results, also at the expanse of the introduction of information technologies into tourism area.


April 7 – 9, 2014

We kindly invite you to take part in a workshop under КА334 Mining Road Project.

The workshop is devoted to the presentation of the information we have collected (description of the route, virtual excursions, GPS-guides and so on.) about mining-and-industrial heritage along the route from Outokumpu (Finland) to Petrozavodsk (Russia) and back.

The workshop will take place from April, 7 till April 9, 2014, in Piipun Piha Hotel, Sortavala, Promyshlennaya Str., 44.


March, 2014

A film about Mining Road Project appeared

Kalejdoskop company released a film showing the work of the Mining Road Project work.
We suggest you watching the film.

See the film (17 min)

December 3-4, 2013

The next seminar "Cooperation in Tourism and Culture" took place within the frameworks of Karelia ENPI CBC Program.

The aim of the Seminar was to introduce the participants of different projects of Karelia ENPI CBC Program to each other and to hold training for the projects managers and specialists on the methods of project merchandising and methods of project information distribution in Mass Media via project web-sites and social networks.


November 15, 2013

"Ruskeala: The Secrets of the Depth" photo exhibition opened in "Outokumpu" Mine-Museum
within the frameworks and with the support of Mining Road Project.

The authors of the exhibition - Anton Yushko and Oleg Minnikov - are famous speleologists-photographers from St. Petersburg, active participants of the Mining Road Projects (ENPI Program).


October 19, 2013

The first excursion has been tried on one sector of Mining Road tourist route.

Teachers and students of PetrSU travelled along the route:
Petrozavodsk – Kolatselga (Tulmozerye Mining Park) – Pazhala – Pryazha (Ethno-Cultural Center) - Petrozavodsk


October 18-19, 2013

VI Trans-regional Scientific Conference in Sortavala

The topic of the Scientific-and-regional Conference:
"Geological and Mining-and-industrial Heritage of Karelia in Education, Museum Affairs and Tourism".
Some participants of the Mining Road Project made their reports at this conference.


September 27, 2013

On the European Cooperation Day Mining Road Project took part in the "Projects Fair".

We presented our project, showed video presentation, gave our stone souvenirs to the participants and guests of the Fair. The Project Coordinator, Vitaly Shekov, granted an interview to the State television and radio broadcasting company.


August 19-21, 2013

The Third Seminar under Mining Road Project took place in Pazhala.

More than 35 people representing almost all Mining Road Project partners met to discuss the progress of the Project, share their achievements and agree joint actions for further Project implementation.


August, 2013

See the film about the schoolchildren’s life in the expedition

The head of the youth expedition Galina Parshukova has made the movie about the life of the children in the expedition.

See the film (10 min)

August 5 – 11, 2013

Students, postgraduate students and lecturers of PetrSU in Mining Road Project.

Volunteers from Petrozavodsk State University under the guidance of Alexander Konovalov took part in arranging Tulmozerye Mining Park.


August 4, 2013

Holiday in Kolatselga village.

There is a good tradition in many places of Karelia – to celebrate its OWN Birthday once a year. This kind of event happened in Kolatselga, our close Project partner, on August, 4.


August 19 – 21, 2013

We hereby invite you to take part in the third seminar under KA334 Mining Road Project, ENPI CBC Karelia Program.

The Seminar topic is:
«Geological Monuments and Mining Engineering Monuments of South Karelia (Russia) and regions North Savo and North Karelia (Finland)».

The Seminar will take place from August, 19 till August, 21, 2013 in Kolatselga village at the following address:
The Republic of Karelia, Pryazha district, Kolatselga village, Pazhala guest house.


June 7, 2013

Ethno-Сultural Сenter was opened in Pryazha

The opening of Ethno-Cultural Center has marked with the first visual result of work of our Mining Road Project Partner – the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia With the Museum’s support the exposition showing historical aspects of the development of the district mining industry was created.

The exposition was prepared under the academic supervision of the RK National Museum member, Mining Road Project participant, Mikhail Dankov, together with his colleague Ilya Serko and OOO "Atrnavolok".

By symbolic start of the ticker of the old-time clock installed near the entrance to the Ethno-Center Center the Director, Yuliya Tolmacheva, opened the doors for the guests. The creator of the exposition, Ilya Serko, told about the concept.

The Head of Pryazha National District Administration, Gusev Konstantin Georgievich, brought his congratulations to the district population and the creators of the Ethno-Center with this remarkable event.

Mining Road Project will continue feasibly participating in the work of the Ethno-Cultural Center and developing the exposition.

See the photos

May 30, 2013

Mining Road Project participants took part in "Eco-effective Technologies in Tourism" educational seminar

The Seminar took place in the Administration of Sortavala within the frameworks of Eco-effective Tourism Project.

Aleksandr Artemyev, the Director of Kolmas company, shared his experience on creating Ruskeala Mining Park.

Anton Yusko, the Chairman of Eco-effective Tourism and Speleology Commission of Leningrad Division of the Russian Geographical Society, told about foreign and Russian experience of using the principles of eco-efficiency in creating underground excursion routes.

Igor Borisov, the Head of Tourist Division of Sortavala Local History Museum, introduced the prospective for the development of North Priladozhye tourist routes based on unique mining-and-industry sites.

Guests from Finland presented eco-effective development of tourist infrastructure in Finland.

May 2013

Mining Road web-site starts publicizing virtual excursions to the sites of the Project.

The first excursion is devoted to the Museum of Pre-Cambrian of the Federal Government Budgetary Institution the Institute of Geology Karelian Research Centre RAS


April 2013

Youth expedition "Mining Road" will take place in summer 2013.

The expedition consists of two stages:

The first stage will be from June, 1 till June, 7. During this stage the youngsters will meet the geological sites of Karelia,
The second stage will be take place from July, 9 till July, 20 and traditionally it will take place in Pryazha district, Karelia, on the place of the future Tulmozerye Mining Park.


March 2013 года

Russian and Finnish participants of the Project met in in the museum of Outokumpu mine in order to discuss "Ruskeala: the Secrets of the Depth" photo exhibition planned for September 2013

It is supposed that bright martials about Ruskeala marble deposits will naturally complete the updated exposition of the Finnish museum.


March 2013

Work on a book preliminary named "Mining Road" has been started.

The book will be devoted to the mining-and-geological monuments of South Karelia (Russia) and North Karelia (Finland).


January28 –February1, 2013

The Project Coordinator V.A. Shekov held working meetings with the partners under ENPI CBC KA334 Mining Road Project.

The main goal of the working meetings is to discuss the works related to the preparation of the book – description of the route along Petrozavodsk – Outokumpu road, agree the sites to be included into the book.


November 27-28, 2012

The SECOND Seminar under Mining Road Project has finished its work.

The second Seminar under Mining Road Project took place in Karelian Research Centre, RAS, on November 27-28, 2012. The Seminar gathered all people interested in the development of tourism in Karelia, enthusiasts occupied with the study of mining history, the arrangement of historical mining, speleologists, historians, geologists and simply partial people.

Any one who feels like it may once again hear the reports of the participants, see the presentations, read the notes and just experience the atmosphere of this excellent event.


November 26-28, 2012

The SECOND SEMINAR under Mining Road Project will take place.

Place: Conference-hall of Karelian Research Centre, RAS, Pushkinskaya Str., 11, Petrozavodsk

The seminar program in Russian

The seminar program in Finnish

Live broadcast of the seminar reports via Internet is planned http://www.yatv.ru/krc

October19-20, 2012

The V Trans-Regional Scientific-and-Regional Conference "Geological and Mining-and-Industry Heritage of Karelia in Museum Affairs, Education and Tourism" took place in Regional Museum ofNorth Priladozhye inSortavala".

Mining Road Project Coordinator V. Shekov presented his report "The Project of ENPI CBC Karelia "Mining Road" Programme – ways of realization."The Second day was devoted to visiting the sites if mining-and-industry heritage of Priladozhye and historical plants of Pitkyaranta.


October 2-5, 2012

Working meeting of the leading partner from the Institute of Geology, KRC RAS, with Finnish partners from Geological Survey of Finland, Outokumpu Mining Museum, Marketing company i2 took place in Helsinki.

The results of work under the Project for the first six months were discussed, some issues of the Project development were considered and organizational matters concerning the Second seminar, that will take place on November, 27-28, 2012 in Petrozavodsk, were deliberated about during the meeting.


August 2012

The works on the development of "Tulmozerye Mining Park" is continuing on the ruins of Tulmozero ironworks.

August 3 – 12, 2012 года

Youth expedition "Mining Road" taking place at "Tulmozerye" site has finished its work.


May 14 – 16, 2012

The first seminar under "Mining Road" Project took place in the Mining Museum, Outokumpu.