Ironworks in the Finnish village of Mohko

See the GPS-tour (click on the picture)

A new gps-excursion around former ironworks in the Finnish village of Mohko will be interesting to its visitors and to ones who have never been there. When moving from one sight of the museum to another, the audio-guide circumstantially tells about the history of the monument accompanying facts with rather original comments, and explains the meaning of the informational signs and pointers installed on the territory of Mohko. Of course, you can hear the audio-guide sitting on your comfortable sofa at home, but then will it be possible for you to sit still?

You can visit this place more than once. Viewing administrative and household buildings of the former industrial enterprise you can not stop wondering how wise the production was organized, uniting so many people from the vast territory around this business. Having stopped opposite the gigantic wheel of the blowing machine you understand how far the mankind has stepped for one century. Walking along the paths of love you feel how really close to you the people who worked, loved and died here, how closely the history of Russia and Finland are connected.

About 5000 people annually choose “the iron village” as a place of vacation – mainly families with children and elderly couples. As a rule inhabitants of Ilomantsi and other regions of Finland come. There are very few foreigners. “And the only explanation – the audio-guide says - could be that the ones who have already visited this place recommend it to ONLY THEIR CLOSE friends!” And you unknowingly catch yourself thinking that you should certainly tell about this museum to your parents, your best friend and your hairdresser.