Dear Friends!

This page will be devoted to our electronic GPS-excursions.

As programs for holding such excursions, we will be using the ones compatible with the information and ideology that we put into our excursions.

Now you can use – GPS-guide that can be downloaded for different devices in respective stores. For this, please follow the links specified lower according to your device.

The excursions created in our project can be used both on-line, i.e. to get information about visited sights directly via the Internet, or off-line, having downloaded preliminary chosen excursion into your device. This variant is more preferable, as during the excursion your device will not be connecting to the Internet and it will considerably decrease your expenditures.

In order to download the excursions you can use the possibilities of the program – that is, to select it in the program from the list of the excursions saved at the web-site, or by reading with the help of the same program the QR-code corresponding the selected excursion and published at our web-site.

Logical and simple interface lets you learning the program very fast and using it to walk not only along our excursions, but also along many others, similar walks in other cities and countries.

The Project team wishes you a pleasant rest here, in Karelia. Please come! You will not regret it!


We are in a hurry to delight you!

You will not have to listen to your familiar disk or entertain yourself talking to an accidental fellow traveler any more - long expected automobile audio-guide for the unique monument of industrial heritage Tulmozerye Mining Park is ready and published. The new gps-tour was tested by the first tourists who were extremely satisfied. Many of them noted that listening to such a story on the way to the monument was vey useful as it allowed arriving on site already prepared and getting deeper into the issues of history and technology of cast-iron production.
Now, intending to visit this unusual site, you also can download the new gps-excursion together with application to your mobile device! You will be told about curious history of the populated localities, notable objects situated on the way to Pryazha and Kolatselga village, get acquainted with the nuances of iron extraction and processing in pre-revolutionary Karelia. You will be advised what other museums you can visit, where to take spring water, where to stay overnight and where to take good and not expensive food…
In brief, take your chance to learn something new! And we wish you a pleasant journey!




The times when Russian tourists felt uncomfortable in the Finnish town of Outokumpu (most of the pointers and information stands in popular Mining Museum are made in the Finnish and the English languages) have passed. Now our brothers are accompanied by Russian-language audio-guide telling the history of the mine that appeared next to the populated locality and the same-name transnational company, the mining workers and their ascetic way of life.
An outstanding feature of this gps-excursion is the fact that one of the authors of it is incredibly talented and amazingly charming girl from Outokumpu – Satu Savolainen – who has managed to find and select many interesting and funny historical facts about life in her native town. By the way, her grand-father used to work at the mine. Such excursion will appear also in Finnish very soon.


Ironworks in the Finnish village of Mohko

A new gps-excursion around former ironworks in the Finnish village of Mohko will be interesting to its visitors and to ones who have never been there. When moving from one sight of the museum to another, the audio-guide circumstantially tells about the history of the monument accompanying facts with rather original comments, and explains the meaning of the informational signs and pointers installed on the territory of Mohko. Of course, you can hear the audio-guide sitting on your comfortable sofa at home, but then will it be possible for you to sit still?


Tulmozerye Mining Park


A new gps-excursion around Tulmozerye Mining Park that was officially opened on August 3, 2014, suggests “assessing many present day events in a new light”. Tulmozero Ironworks, or “the medieval castle of the Sleeping Beauty” as it is often called for its picturesque views, opens its secrets to tourists, patiently and methodically spelling out all the chronology of its appearance. You will find out about the most advanced plant of the beginning of the XX century and its unenviable destiny under the conditions of the world economic crisis, about the skilful plan of the grandson of Emperor Nikolay I, Grand Prince Petr Nikolaevich, about ambitious plans on organizing metallurgical holding in Karelia of the beginning of the XX century and about mystical properties of hematite!


Puijo Mountain, the city of Kuopio

Гора Пуйо

GPS-tour of the national park organized around famous Puijo tower and the same-name mountain in the city of Kupio. This excursion is devoted to the green belt around Puijo Mountain. Sightseeing platform on the top of the tower is a special place for the Finns. It can be literally called the tourist stronghold of Finland. The flow of the ones wishing to see the picturesque views of Puijo and capture the whole city with its suburbs in addition on a one single photo has not been running short for already one and a half centuries.
And it's no coincidence that Puijo Mountain has been chosen a starting point of Mining Road interstate tourist route. This territory generates interest from geological point of view, allows touching the multi-billion history of our planet.


Onezhskaya Naberezhnaya of Petrozavodsk (Petrozavodsk Onego Quay)


Now anyone who feels like getting acquainted with the sight of the Karelian capital can do it easily. You can go along the route by yourself, following the pointings of audio-guide, but you can also study the route “in absentia”, just looking through the pages with photos on the Internet. Then, if you choose the variant with walking and activate the program, the audio-guide will be automatically switched-on while you are approaching yet another monument.
The excursion can be interesting both for the gusts and for the citizens of Petrozavodsk. It will make somebody thinking, somebody – laughing, and somebody – seeing usual things in a new light.


Ruskeala Mining Park


Mining Park “Ruskeala Marble Quarried of the XVII – beginning of the XX centuries” is very rear symbiosis of a natural monument and an industrial museum. The park presents a man-made “cup” in a solid mass of marbles cut by the system of mines, drift-ways and drives. You will find nothing that kind in Europe! The pearl of the Mining Park is Marble Canyon. The old and abandoned quarry is toady equipped for tourists, historical heritage esteemers and “collector” of natural phenomena and views.


Piipun Piha


Tourist complex “Piipun Piha” is located in Sortavala, away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, on the coast of Ladoga Lake. The building, the complex is situated in, has a rich history. In 1875 a merchant from Sortavala, Daniel Tiajnen organized a steam-driven sawmill. This place was named Kiviniemi Saha (a sawmill on stone cape). The establisher did not even have an idea that in 116 years a comfortable hotel named “Piipun Piha”, what in Finnish translation means “Patio with chimney”, would be constructed based on this building.